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Classic European Facial


Is there any more relaxing way to spend an hour than getting a classic European facial inside of a beautiful salon? Most women would say no – which is why we are happy to offer our classic facials at Hair Designer’s Studio in Santa Monica. Whether you are trying to look your best for an upcoming event and want your skin to be radiant, or you are simply stressed out and need some relaxation, our facials are the perfect choice. We have plenty of experience in this field so you can expect a professional job from start to finish.
Attention to Detail
A good European facial is all about getting the details right. Our team will give you their full attention and make sure you are comfortable and relaxed at all times. This basic facial is a great starter point for someone who has never before enjoyed a professional facial at an upscale salon, and is also perfect for busy professionals looking to spend some time on themselves during the middle of a busy week. Thanks to our convenient location in Santa Monica, you should be able to quickly come see us for your classic European facial and get back to your busy day as soon as possible.
Plenty of Other Options
As mentioned above, the classic European facial is a great way to get started with skin care in our salon. However, once you have experienced this basic treatment, you may be interested in more advanced techniques and options. For example, we also offer microdermabrasion, chemical peels, acne treatment, and more. We offer such a wide range of facial options so you can pick the one which is best suited to the needs of your skin at this time.
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Give us a call to schedule your classic European facial and look forward to one of the most enjoyable hours you have spent in a long time. Not only will you enjoy your time in our salon, you will love the way you look when you walk out the door. Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you soon!

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