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Eyelash Perm

When you think about getting a perm, you almost certainly think about the hair on top of your head. While that is the most-common place to use a perm, your eyelashes can benefit from the same kind of treatment as well. Getting an eyelash perm at the Hair Designer’s Studio here in Santa Monica will allow you to have beautiful curly eyelashes for an extended period of time so you can avoid having to curl them yourself each morning.

A Professional Job

You don’t want to allow an inexperienced salon to work on your eyelashes when you can trust our team to get the job done right. Getting a perm involved the use of chemicals, and you want to make sure the person in charge of applying them to your eyelashes understands the process completely. Our staff has done countless eyelash perms throughout the years and we will be happy to use that experience to help you achieve the best possible results. You should feel great when you walk out the doors of our salon knowing that your lashes are going to attract attention for weeks to come.

Formal or Everyday

You may decide to get an eyelash perm in advance of a big event such as a wedding. However, you might just want to have this treatment done so you can feel great about your appearance on an everyday basis. Curled eyelashes are appropriate for your look in any setting, so you can have yours permed and enjoy the benefits over the next few weeks no matter what kind of events or activities you have planned.

Don’t Forget About Other Treatments

As a full-service salon in Santa Monica, CA, we offer a number of services beyond just eyelash perms. Included in our many services is makeup work, haircuts for women, hair color, and much more. There is no need to travel all-around Southern California looking for different salons to get your appearance just right when you can handle it all at Hair Designer’s Studio. Give us a call today to speak with our friendly team and set up your first appointment!

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