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Flat Iron


 Depending on the look you are going for, and the natural characteristics of your hair, a flat iron is often the only tool for the job. You probably have a flat iron at home that you use from time to time (or more), but a professional flat iron treatment at Hair Designer’s Studio is an entirely different experience. Unplug your own flat iron, and come see us in Santa Monica to relax and let our stylists do all the work.
Professional Touch
There is more to proper flat iron use than you might think, so it is a job that can often be completed more successfully when in the hands of a pro. Because of the high levels of heat that most flat irons produce, it is actually possible to do damage to you hair when they are used incorrectly. Our stylists are experienced in the proper use of a flat iron so we can help you achieve the look you are going for while not damaging the long-term health of your beautiful hair.
Tell Us What You Need
Our goal is always to serve your needs as completely as possible, so feel free to tell your stylist exact what you need when it comes to flat iron service. Of course, if you aren’t sure how you want the finished product to look, we will be glad to offer our own opinions to help you make that difficult choice. Working with the women of Santa Monica on a daily basis, we understand that there are a great number of different hair styles that are popular today – and flat iron service is a big part of bringing many of them to life.
Plenty More to Offer
We will be happy to simply complete a quick flat iron service for you, if that is what is needed. However, we also offer a great selection of other services such as blow dry, hair relaxer, hair color, and much more. Give us a call or come by today and we will be happy to work with you on the right combination of our services that best meets your needs.