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There are many hair-related project that are better handled in a salon as opposed to at home – but hair bleach is probably at the top of the list. The chemicals involved in bleaching your hair are better handled by an experienced professional in the controlled environment of a salon. Not only is it safer to have your hair bleach service completed in a salon, the final outcome will be much better as well. Contact Hair Designer’s Studio today to learn more and schedule a hair bleach treatment from one of our talented team members.
Evaluation Prior to Bleaching
Hair bleach is not something to be taken lightly, so our team will analyze your hair prior to starting the process in order to develop a plan that is likely to be most successful. Depending on what final shade you are looking for, the process will need to be adjusted to reach the correct outcome. Using bleach in your hair naturally damages the structure of your hair to a certain degree, so you will need to work together with your stylist to come up with a plan that allows you to enjoy the bleached look without doing too much damage to your hair on a regular basis.
Work with a Friend
Some other salons you may have visited in the area will treat their customers just as a number rather than a person. We always value all of our clients equally, and you can expect to be treated as a friend as soon as you walk through the door. What that means is that you will be able to communicate openly with your colorist and stylist to make sure that the service you receive is exactly what you were looking for. We are only happy when you are happy, and that means getting your treatment right all the way down to the small details.
Try Our Other Services
As a full service salon in Santa Monica, we provide far more than just hair bleach service. Among our other popular services includes prom hair, flat iron, blow dry, and much more. Contact us right away to ask any questions that you may have, and to schedule an upcoming appointment. Thank you for visiting!

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