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permDoes the word ‘perm’ send you running in the other direction with visions of the ‘80’s running through your head? You might want to slow down and take a look at the modern perms that are being worn by some of the most stylish and influential people in fashion. We aren’t talking about a perm that has wild, curly strands of hair running every which direction – rather, a modern perm is more subtle. The perms that are offered here at Hair Designer’s Studio provide a great look to both long and short hair without leading to the frizzy nightmares of years gone by.
Is it for you?
Before you have a perm completed, you should have your hair looked at by one of our stylists to make sure that it is ready to receive the treatment. Not all hair is going to be ready for a perm at the moment, so working together with our professional team is the best way to ensure that your perm works out correctly and you love the hairstyle that you are left with. Once completed successfully, you can expect the benefits from your perm to last up to six months depending on your hair, weather conditions, etc.
Work Together with New Style
If you are looking for a hairstyle change, a perm could be a natural part of that process. Rather than just perming your current hair and hoping for the best, come see us for a whole new look. We can suggest hair styles that will compliment your appearance and work nicely with a perm. Only when your haircut and your perm are designed to work together will you truly be happy with the outcome. Fortunately, our team of stylists has plenty of experience and will be more than capable of taking you through this process.
Schedule a Perm Today!
Contact us right away if you would like to learn more about our perms, or to schedule one for yourself. Beyond perms, we also provide many other services such as highlights, hair color, blow dry, and more. Trusted in Santa Monica for more than 25 years, Hair Designer’s Studio is the top full service salon in town. Come see us!